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Mary Lynd Phan


Societal Milestones

Birth, Vietnamese American born in Trenton, NJ, first gen, grew up on food stamps, witnessed gang shootouts far too often, teacher burnout > turnover > many substitute teachers = no stable adult figure in school, experienced things a child should not have - my apologies, is this too forward?

Adolescence, eh you live you learn *shrug*

Adulthood ish, more hardships endured, societal barriers = increased motivation to make systemic changes.

Today, acceptance into graduate school (2020), pursuing my passion to implement mindfulness-based interventions to underserved youth in public schools. Oh, I am also a Health Policy Research Scholar, no big deal.


Aggie Heroes, Stories that Unite Us

Utah State University

February 8, 2022
Guidelines for Adapting Mindfulness-based School Interventions with Marginalized Youth

NASP 2022

February 15, 2022
How to Use Mindfulness Across the Tiers

NASP 2022

February 15, 2022
Square Stage


Guidelines for Adapting Mindfulness-Based School Interventions with Underserved Youth
Systematic Review of the Quality of Mindfulness-Based School Interventions